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The start of a new program

Today was my first session at Med Team Weight Loss in Rocky Hill, CT. It is a new start for being monitored (and held accountable) for losing weight. I need to thank a good friend for “sponsoring” my way into this program. The “physical” was pretty thorough and detailed. Along with doing an extensive…

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The only thing I need to change? – Everything!

Hello all! With more and more “issues” with my health, I have come to a realization that I need to make some changes. There is only one REAL area in my life that I can affect change at this time – my weight. I have battled being over weight since, well, forever.  I have lost more…

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Domain name renewal scams – caveat emptor

Caveat Emptor Ready to renew your domain name, fill out this form and watch it get transferred to another company. Beware of a domain name renewal scam that has been going around for quite some time. If you have a domain name registered, you may have received an “expiration notice” from an unscrupulous vendor. The…

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