Garden or Garbage

The wastes of yesterday As we live each day we produce. We can look upon the items of past days. What are we creating? Garden or garbage? Fertilizer or waste? What we did is past, what we do with the remains will determine what is to come. Are we fertilizing in the garden or are…

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Vision board – step 1


I will be running through the process of creating a vision board. Not “THE” process – a process. Want to assemble a vision board? If you would like to create a vision board to capture the dreams, wishes, and goals for your future here is a plan. Step 1 – make a list. Write 10…

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Task Switching – Triathlon of life


There is a resemblance of life in general to races such as triathlon. The triathlon has 3 distinct and different sports – Swim, Bike Run. Each requiring different equipment. In between each of these sports (tasks) is the transition area. A specific place where we prepare to spend some time and change over to the…

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