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What is the cost of good service?

Tech support 101

I was standing in line at a very popular retailer.  The people in front of me [friends] placed their items on the counter and the clerk asked if they had any coupons. My friend replied that she usually gets them but didn’t bring them with her, did the store keep any copies on hand. The…

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Weekly weight loss update – November 25th

Hello all! Just a quick update on my weight loss progress. It was a good / bad week(end). Lol..  The overall week, and subsequent check in w/ Med Team was good. The remainder of the weekend I was bad. 🙂 I lost an additional 3 pounds this week.  This seems to be “the” number at…

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Isn’t technology great!


Waiting in line to get an oil change, I hear the gentleman in front of me say “I have a coupon”. I instantly realized that I get coupons for this place too, but I usually throw them out. The gentleman in front of me hands the clerk his cell phone and WHAM! – $10 off.…

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