Want to lose weight? – You’re WRONG!

Dennis and Mango in West Haven

Many people set goals of losing weight. Unfortunately, they are wrong.!!  Huh, what’s that? – yup I said it – Wrong wrong wrong! You do not want to lose weight You do not need to lose weight You are going down a slippery slope and need to get some traction So what the heck am…

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Garden or Garbage

The wastes of yesterday As we live each day we produce. We can look upon the items of past days. What are we creating? Garden or garbage? Fertilizer or waste? What we did is past, what we do with the remains will determine what is to come. Are we fertilizing in the garden or are…

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Clean Your Desk Day

Dennis - I Am Me

A little video of my home office – and a note to start cleaning up my act! … for the National “Clean your desk” day…  Is that even something?

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