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Scan 2 – details later

Hello there! Today was my second PET scan post chemo.  Looking forward to the same outcome as the previous scan – all clear.  Will need to wait (details later) until Friday, when I go back to the oncologist for my follow up. Things are progressing well.  2 complete weeks back to work at 50% and…

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BTW – Week one

Now I start to understand.  What seemed like “a breeze” – going back to work, was a little more than I had expected. While I am thankful, and grateful, for getting back to work, I now understand why everyone was saying “take your time”.  The week took a bit of an effort to get through.…

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Another beginning, again.

Well, it’s about that time..  time to get back to work.  Yes, it’s true.  I will be starting back tomorrow, working 50% for now.  I am thinking I will not get back full time until the port gets removed..?  Since I do not have another doctor’s appointment until the 2nd of March, this may be…

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