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Happy New Year!

A New Year. A time for reflection. A time for action! The start of another New Year and I have a LOT of stuff in the works for 2014. The goal for 2014 – Balance. The main focus I will work on is scheduling. Setting the proper amount of time for all my activities – then…

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A day off

Today was an unexpected day off from working out. For some reason, I seem to be getting bloody noses every couple of weeks or so. Well today was the day. It wouldn’t be too bad, except since I am on blood thinners, it is a real pain in the…  uh..  nose to get it to…

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Keeping on – the journey continues – weekly check in

Hello there! Had another good week. There is so much going on it seems like we never have time to get everything done. This means even more prioritization and planning. Just because I am busy, does not give me a reason to start taking shortcuts. 😉 A key to keeping on this fat loss journey…

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