Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness - Hurricane_Rita_Peak

Hurricane Prep List I found posted on Facebook… this is taken pretty much verbatim, I do not have the original source to credit.. ┬áDistributing to be helpful.. This can be used for any storm that may come upon you. There are a lot of good tips in general as well. ┬áBe prepared! Charge any device…

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Passwords and Security


How many sticky notes with scribbled passwords do you have? How about that spreadsheet? Tough to keep updated and secure with so many different systems and re-using that same password over and over again. Yup, I have seen them all. Sticky notes, tape under keyboards, you name it. Passwords written everywhere. In order to be…

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I am a hypocrite


For so long I keep telling people “Don’t worry about what others think. Do your thing, be yourself, and those that truly accept and support you will always be in your life.” I have gotten away from this. Wanting to blog / write / post more frequently, I come across many great [to me] ideas…

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