Get on the bandwagon – NOT!

hang loose 02

The other day a friend posted a picture on Facebook. Was of a pregnant woman standing, while next to her were three gentlemen sitting on a bench engrossed in their cell phones. The comments were all highly negative at the three gentlemen. “disgusting” “punks” “.. ridiculous…” … and they continued. My comment was pretty simple…

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Building up consistency


Commitment – Consistency – Potential Three words that were given to me by a coach I met last year. He is fighting with cancer yet keeps going – every day – consistently. Yes, that is the sticky note on my vision board. Has been there since the day I heard those words in his video.…

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I am a hypocrite


For so long I keep telling people “Don’t worry about what others think. Do your thing, be yourself, and those that truly accept and support you will always be in your life.” I have gotten away from this. Wanting to blog / write / post more frequently, I come across many great [to me] ideas…

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