Taking the bad with the good - time to check the engineOK I realize not all days will be “GREAT” there will be some down times. That is ok, that is life. We get over it… just need to take the bad with the good.

Today has some of those moments…


For those that do no realize it I have celiac disease. This means my body cannot process gluten – which is found in wheat, rye and barley. Essentially most processed food items will contain some type of gluten. Gluten is a sneaky little devil and lurks in places you would never expect.

I have been saying for a while that I want to start eating clean and eliminate all this processed junk from my diet. As Tammy said “be careful what you wish for”.  🙂

Now I do not have a choice. I need to eliminate gluten or face the consequences – stomach pains, severe diarrhea, and a general overall terrible feeling. This is what brings me to today.

What’s happening?

Somehow, somewhere, I ate something that was not good for me. It hit me on Sunday and has flared up a few times with Yesterday being a bit worse.

I chatted with a few friends to get ingredients for some of the things I ate over the weekend – had a “pot luck” party. Just want to make sure everyone realizes I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I EAT – no one else. A few people apologized and felt bad, please don’t. This is something I need to learn about and live with.

So far, there is nothing that I can tell. A few things I have learned and now need to be cognizant of. Still no answer.?.?

The puzzle

Now, I need to figure out what is going on.? For some reason the issue is not getting better. Previously when I have messed up I figured it out rather quickly and returned to [somewhat] normal within a day or so. This time I am not so lucky. Sunday – bad. Monday feeling a bit better. Tuesday going south again. Wednesday (am) bad.

Tammy and spent a bit of time tearing the house apart and looking at [re-looking at] ingredient lists for things I have had over the past few days. Finally gave up and went to bed. Right now we just can’t figure it out.

Will need to go back to basic eating – keep the variety down a bit and try to get back to feeling better. Just know that times like this are tough… but we will prevail.

Still a great day, just with a few bad moments. “This too shall pass!” – pun intended.


Peace and Love,

P.S. After chatting with Tammy – we *may* have found it – sausage!! I had sausage and peppers on Saturday and again I had sausage with my eggs yesterday. Feeling hopeful! Will stay away from it (still have some in the fridge) over the next few days and see.


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