Today is a quick video post. Uploaded to YouTube.


YouTube Transcription 🙂

everybody I don’t just got done at the
gym sunday evening
it’s 540 that run to target to suffer
getting workout in late getting my
message out late very busy bait Skylar
dinner competition with with
phenomenally well good good excellent
example of hard work determination and
drive going after something that you
really like to do so
god bless her she’s doing great and it’s
good to take the time today and go down
to yourself today just got all screwed
up but that’s ok already get to work out
in and get on with our date main message
for today i wanted to talk about was
wishes dreams visions where do we want
to go what we want to do
big picture stuff later on we’ll get
into working goals and breaking stuff
down working on it
what do you have what do you have for
dream we have for which we want to do
with your life
I’m going to be 50 this year and I’m
still really creating wishes dreams
goals never too old to start never too
late to start again if you try something
didn’t work out great
you tried think what you did learn from
try again you still have the desire you
pushing yourself
so much we can do just tapes
desire what you want to do you want to
a friend of mine another coach is what
do you want and then what do you want to
do to get it
that’s the next thing so take your
vision take your dream take your wants
to try them out
write them down have a vision board at
home some things are like totally out of
this world is still up there going to
work towards we’re still going to get to
will get them one day it would not done
for i would take a picture of it and now
posted with this post other
I will challenge yourself today next
sunday when we reach anything it will be
a lot more sweet or something that went
under that’s just not their account so
take time to get gold
I know what you want
your vision your wishes work towards
plenty of people out there that will
help you let me know what you want to do
if i can help you I’ll help you if not
maybe I know somebody that can help you
so it’s all good
again real quick just have to get
something out today running behind got a
lot more workers going to do with the
home dinner
I got some other working as a priority
got a deadline for tomorrow so I’m going
to do video tonight get the message out
keep it going and we’ll catch you again
later this week we will be blog in
writing messages helping each other as
much as we can
some people a lot of positive feedback
over this past week for my messages
love it keep it up i want to hear and if
you also want to do something like this
let me know I can help you out you’re
going to imax stop and shop so now it’s
time to run in and get dinner a couple
things for dinner
solving keep pushing keep dreaming keeps
driving people with love and peace

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