Quitting Facebook – What does that mean?


It was inevitable, what goes up, must come down. People are leaving Facebook… doesn’t matter why, they just are. In the news and on the web, articles about quitting Facebook – and tutorials on how to do it – are cropping up all over. This isn’t a post about who or why – more of…

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Accounts Hacked – MyFitnessPal


Another one gets bit! MyFitnessPal has been hacked. The hackers gained access to information from over 150 million user accounts. What should you do? First and foremost, if you have an account with MyFitnessPal – go change your password! – Please don’t wait, do it now… (going to change mine…) OK, I’m back… Accounts Hacked…

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Task Switching – Triathlon of life


There is a resemblance of life in general to races such as triathlon. The triathlon has 3 distinct and different sports – Swim, Bike Run. Each requiring different equipment. In between each of these sports (tasks) is the transition area. A specific place where we prepare to spend some time and change over to the…

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