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It’s that time of year again – W2’s, 1099’s Oh my! TAX TIME! If you haven’t done so, time to get going with your income taxes. I just went through ours this week. Although the numbers were not as good as last year the experience was still great! I try to take my own advice.…

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OneNote – recording notes

OneNote – Keeping on the recording data theme, I use OneNote for recording notes, tracking items, reminders – even from your cell phone! OneNote is my go to app. I use it every day and for just about everything. Best of all – you can get if FREE! When working with apps I look to…

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Campaign to be GREAT!

Make America Great Again - Buy Local

Let’s make America Great! This will get a lot of people’s emotions flowing right out of the gate. I am NOT talking about voting for one political candidate or another. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with action. I am talking about what YOU can do to help. It’s really…

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