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Social Networking – review of sites


Continuing on the subject of Social Media or Social Networking let’s take a look at the current top sites and a few new ones you may not have heard about. The top 12 Social Networking sites The rank varies by source -results are similar Facebook – Need I say more? Twitter – Updates limited to 140 characters. LinkedIn…

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Kids and Social Media


There is yet another issue making headline with kids and social media. This time it is Instagram that is the focus. Pictures are circulating through a school, and not good pictures. Do you know how to lock down your kids device? If not, than we have some things to work on. Are you smarter than…

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Computer Virus Troubles

Tech support 101

It’s a normal part of computer life. Some day you WILL get a virus or malware. Stuff happens. This will be just a quick overview of something that happened to me. Yup, I got a virus I noticed a strange thing every time I booted my laptop lately. There was a message that “powershell could…

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