OneNote – recording notes

OneNote – Keeping on the recording data theme, I use OneNote for recording notes, tracking items, reminders – even from your cell phone! OneNote is my go to app. I use it every day and for just about everything. Best of all – you can get if FREE! When working with apps I look to…

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Kids and Social Media


There is yet another issue making headline with kids and social media. This time it is Instagram that is the focus. Pictures are circulating through a school, and not good pictures. Do you know how to lock down your kids device? If not, than we have some things to work on. Are you smarter than…

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Technology Solutions with Computing, Consulting & Training, LLC

Security in an insecure world Lately I have had the ability to attend some security seminars and talks. These discussions have re-sparked an interest in security, especially with regards to mobile security and kids. Please keep checking in as I will be looking into security items that will benefit many. This will be as simple as looking…

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