Time – a great perspective

Time to review

I always say everyone has 24 hours a day – it is what you do with it that counts. Many people seem to get tons of stuff done, others are always complaining they’re too busy..? If we each have the same amount of time, why is there such a difference? The big 3 Planning –…

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Weekly Checkpoint – On Track

Dennis Bosse - Vision-Board-2017

Laying in bed last night and it hit me – never posted for the day. Was just to post a weekly checkpoint and figured I would get to it today. Yes, procrastination! 🙂 Oh well. Even though I was in bed early, wasn’t getting up – too comfortable. Was just going to post an update…

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I am a hypocrite


For so long I keep telling people “Don’t worry about what others think. Do your thing, be yourself, and those that truly accept and support you will always be in your life.” I have gotten away from this. Wanting to blog / write / post more frequently, I come across many great [to me] ideas…

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