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Goal setting – Positive Energy

If you have been following along, you know we have have covered: Review of past performance¬†(2015 goals) Planning for better performance Creating SMARTER goals Thank you for following along! if you are working along too, you are well on your way to making 2016 an awesome year! Any time we do something we will have…

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Feel like you are going in circles?

I was out running the other day, running and thinking. A dangerous combination.. A feeling came over me, a feeling of my life is on a rotary, and cannot get off?? Similar to the movie “European Vacation”. I keep going round and round, making progress – just not getting very far. This is a teaser…

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Surprise #2

Time for another announcement… Surprise #2 Surprise #1 – My beautiful wife Tammy is working to become a travel agent. See her facebook page DATS Travel – Tammy Bosse. You will be hearing more from her as she completes her training. Surprise # 2 (part of it anyways).. Set my event schedule for 2015 –…

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