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It’s that time of year again – W2’s, 1099’s Oh my! TAX TIME! If you haven’t done so, time to get going with your income taxes. I just went through ours this week. Although the numbers were not as good as last year the experience was still great! I try to take my own advice.…

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Support local business – Support Small Business

It’s that time of year again, Christmas shopping! Yeah….¬†Even more than ever it’s also¬†time to support small business. Shopping Frenzy Weekend There is a ton of information for Black Friday in the news, have you heard about Small Business Saturday? In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday to help businesses with their most pressing…

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Buy Local – Save Jobs

The election is now over. Many people are frustrated by who the winners were. What if I told you that was only a small part of the problem? Now is the time to help each other out. Buy local and from independent merchants and watch what can happen. What is the problem? Businesses are closing…

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