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Time to reviewIt’s that time of year again – W2’s, 1099’s Oh my! TAX TIME!

If you haven’t done so, time to get going with your income taxes. I just went through ours this week. Although the numbers were not as good as last year the experience was still great!

I try to take my own advice. Many times you will hear me say, see me write – Support Local Business. I really believe this.

When I need to purchase something I go through a similar process each time.

Is the service / product available from:

  1. Friend – local or internet – support your friends! Support the people that support you!!
  2. Local merchant – support your community.
  3. Regional merchant
  4. Big box store – locally staffed – keep jobs close to home
  5. Online conglomerate

Previous blog posts: Buy Local Save Jobs, Support local business support small business.

One of the services I use is accounting. A great resource I have come to know and love is Cornish Financial – Bob Cornish. Right there in step 1 – does a friend offer the service – yup!

The first year I started using their tax service I saw an decrease in my tax liability and a nice increase in my refund. Working with Bob, we went through my documents and had a great conversation. During this conversation he realized the potential for additional deductions that I had not previously been taking advantage of – Win!! I had to go home and do a little homework to gather the supporting documentation. Once I had all the papers in order the numbers just fell into place.

This year marks the third year I use their tax accounting services. Couldn’t be happier…  and I need to pay this year 🙁 Having a few personal businesses I know that I will eventually not have a refund. Just need to keep the pay amount manageable. We are there. Soon will need to pay quarterly for the businesses as well to stay ahead of the game. I am sure the Cornish team will have us right where we need to be!

If you need tax and accounting services – I highly suggest you give them a call!

Cornish Financial

(860) 747-5657 – Conveniently located in Plainville, CT

Tell them Dennis sent ya!

Peace and Love and happy numbers!

Disclaimer – Bob and I exchange services, support each other!  Although I would still use their accounting services regardless.


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