Virus Scanner Alert

virus scanner alert - what to do

A friend had a virus scanner alert which stated there was a suspect file on her computer. Today she asked me questions about it, perfect for another blog post! Danger! You have an updated virus program and you get a pop up or alert. What do you do now? Depends You REALLY need to understand if it was…

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Making a decision

When making a decision, you need to understand the requirements involved in order to make the RIGHT decision. Separate fact from opinion and you will be well on your way. What’s the difference? I will use and old question: What kind of computer should I get? Mac or PC? If someone gives you and answer,…

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Ride for a cause – Tour de la Vallee


Ride for a cause – Tour de la Vallee Hello all! I want to let everyone know about a charity ride I am doing on Sunday August 10th. This is a bicycle ride of 100 miles, called a century, to benefit the Edgar J. (Guy) Paradis cancer Fund. The Edgar J. (Guy) Paradis cancer fund…

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