The Christmas season has begun

It is a time of the year we look forward to – Christmas! Also time to keep it real. We can all get caught up in the commercial part of the holiday. This is something I try not to do. There is just WAY too much selling and not enough giving. Everywhere you look there…

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Support local business – Support Small Business

It’s that time of year again, Christmas shopping! Yeah…. Even more than ever it’s also time to support small business. Shopping Frenzy Weekend There is a ton of information for Black Friday in the news, have you heard about Small Business Saturday? In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday to help businesses with their most pressing…

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5 tips to help you start now

Dennis R. Bosse on the web - Dennis and Tammy

Wanting to take action yet have questions on how to start…?? Here are 5 tips you can use right away and get your plan into action. Tips to help you to start now. 5 frogs are sitting on a log. 2 decided to jump off. How many frogs are sitting on the log? (see answer at…

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