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Social Networking – review of sites


Continuing on the subject of Social Media or Social Networking let’s take a look at the current top sites and a few new ones you may not have heard about. The top 12 Social Networking sites The rank varies by source -results are similar Facebook – Need I say more? Twitter – Updates limited to 140 characters. LinkedIn…

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Technology 101 – what are websites?

What is a website? People surf the internet daily, going from website to website, looking for specific stuff with search engines and finding all sorts of information. Have you ever stopped to think, “What is a website”? How are Websites put together? Keep reading for an introductory overview of what websites are and how they…

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Domain name renewal scams – caveat emptor

Caveat Emptor Ready to renew your domain name, fill out this form and watch it get transferred to another company. Beware of a domain name renewal scam that has been going around for quite some time. If you have a domain name registered, you may have received an “expiration notice” from an unscrupulous vendor. The…

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