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Keeping on, keeping on

Hello there! Another great week. It seems as the days are now flying by…  Days are getting longer and we are just waiting for it to start warming up. Still seems as I am very, very busy and not accomplishing a lot. Will need to work on focus and “getting things done”. Still working out…

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Weekly update – little progress – still progress

Hello there! Another weekly update, and still getting frustrated. Only a little bit of progress, still progress in the right direction. Last week started VERY well.  I dropped to 214 on my scale which is very good. Unfortunately it did not stay there. I went back up to 216, then 217 – for no real reason?…

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Frustrated, Success and everything in between

Succeed with smarter goals for 2016 - Dennis Bosse

Hello all, Time for the weekly “check in” and “update”. Seems as though the days are frustrating but success is always there. I am feeling really good, motivation is high and the outlook is great! Watch out 2014 – here we come! This week was another regular week. Keeping up with the same stuff. Working, sleeping, eating,…

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