Frustrated, Success and everything in between

Hello all,Dennis at East Hill Farm

Time for the weekly “check in” and “update”. Seems as though the days are frustrating but success is always there.

I am feeling really good, motivation is high and the outlook is great! Watch out 2014 – here we come!

This week was another regular week. Keeping up with the same stuff. Working, sleeping, eating, working out, yet doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere?? I know, I know, I am being way to critical on the wrong details. There are successes all around me, some by design, and some by gift. Need to make sure we take the time to notice them!

How is everyone doing with their New Year’s Resolutions? I am working at it, and will remember they are a work in progress. The main goal – time management – not going so well. Seems as though I get too focused on one thing, and lose sight of two or three others. Exactly why I need to work on this. Lol…

Progress, not perfection!

Started cleaning (nesting?) as well. Trying to remove obstacles and clutter. Attempting at getting a good flow. This week was a bit challenging schedule wise as I did not work out in the am – and went to the gym in the evening. A big shift, and not sure which one will work better? Trying to find my “groove” if you will. Need to write a movie How Bosse got his groove back Lol..

I have a whole bunch of irons in the fire, and need to make sure that I keep the fire burning. This is where you all come in. – please feel free to give a holler (call), write an email and help to keep me on track and in touch.

One of the first things I (we) usually do is setup our vacation plans for the year. I feel bad as we have not done this yet. Still plenty of time, it’s just one of the first things I like to get on the calendar (family time) and then plan all the other stuff around it. Having not done this yet is putting a hold on some of the other plans – I need to make this a priority. We will get this knocked out this week.

I do know we will be trying to go to the big rendezvous in Maine this summer. I need to get more details on the dates. No worries as we will be staying at the Ma Motel. It’s nice to have connections!

I am hoping that many of the other families will be doing the same, and will need to plan an evening (or two) at Lisa’s fire pit.

Now, the weekly fat loss update…

It was a frustrating week, as I saw little progress. Yes, there was progress, just not as much as I would like 🙂

For this week – officially, I only lost 1.5 pounds. Here is where I am at:

  • Weigt – 216
  • Total lost – 42 pounds
  • Goal Weight – 175
  • 41 pounds to goal!

… and … there was some real good success, even with the little progress… See what happened there? While I was so worried about “this week’s progress” I failed [almost failed] to notice the major milestone.

I am over 1/2 way there!!

Yes, even on the slow weeks there is major progress. I feel a little better now..

I fit in the 36’s that I was trying to get in for New Year’s Eve – and they fit pretty well.  Another success. 🙂

As I said earlier, I feel good, have a lot of energy and a great outlook. Good times all around.

When we stop looking through a microscope, we can finally see the mountains!

Plans for this week – keep doing what I am doing – and getting better at allocating time for the priorities! Take a little time to stop and smell the roses.

Peace and Love,


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