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Time for review – November done!

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Week and month in Review – November 2014 complete Hello all, Time to review, reflect and re-adjust. The three “R’s”… Weekly goals Work out 5 days per week – This week was a few small workouts and the road race – done. Write every day – missed one – again.- Yeah, missed one here too.…

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The Christmas season has begun

It is a time of the year we look forward to – Christmas! Also time to keep it real. We can all get caught up in the commercial part of the holiday. This is something I try not to do. There is just WAY too much selling and not enough giving. Everywhere you look there…

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Kicking the bucket list


Lately, I have heard the term “bucket list” and it just doesn’t sit right with me. I know it is a common saying, I just don’t like it. What is it? The bucket list is a list of items that is to be done before one “kicks the bucket”. You know, the once in a…

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