Time for review – November done!

Week and month in Review – November 2014 complete

Hello all,

Time to review, reflect and re-adjust. The three “R’s”…

Weekly goalsMRR-2014

  • Work out 5 days per week – This week was a few small workouts and the road race – done.
  • Write every day – missed one – again.- Yeah, missed one here too. Actually did one for each day, a couple were after midnight.
  • Get up early and start my day off right – 6 out of 7
  • Weight – get to 189 by Thanksgiving morning (Manchester Road Race 5K) – hit 190. Oh so close…  just missed.
  • Race day – complete Manchester Road race. Time to complete was unsure, would try to do under an hour – done! Completed in 57:26 a personal record – lol.. was my first and only time so of course it was a personal best.

What went well

I accomplished all my workouts for the week. This week was more to stay loose and rest for Thursday. I may have done a bit too much on Sunday as my legs never fully recovered.

Repeat – I did posts on 6 out of seven days. I had a lot of things to do and the timing slipped. Can be fixed with proper planning.

Where can I make some improvements

Proper planning – Task list. Do this the night before. List 2 – 3 things I would like to accomplish the next day. Keep focused.
Continue to log my food intake and workouts on the “Lose It” app. Plan and make meals ahead of time.
Put another plan into action – I am not going to say what this one is 😉
Waking up early REALLY sets the tone for the day. Lazy out of bed is not a good thing.

Plans for the week

Workouts will be:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday – run
  • Tuesday, Thursday – swim

This weekend in East Hill Farm weekend in Troy, NH. Another fun filled weekend ahead.

This was a really good month. I completed quite a few goals and made some great progress. I will total up my workout times and see how I did there too. Consistency was key.

Running and completing the Manchester Road Race was a really good accomplishment. I started up near the front of the open class which was kind of bad. A lot of faster runners passed me through the whole race. This was a tough thing mentally. Hard to keep pressing on when most of the field is passing you. Although the second fasted 5K pace and a very fast (for me) 5 mile pace, it is still tough to see all those people go by.

This is one of the things I will need to work on as I progress with running / racing. I know I am really running against my own times, still need to learn the other aspects of the sport.

Writing for the month of November

I completed 27 of 30 days. A pretty good completion percentage. It was a difficult undertaking. I learned a lot, which was the main reason for doing it. I will review this as well and take a step back then see where it goes. My writing will not stop, just may not publish it all.

The technical articles received more personal feedback – people actually came up to me and would say they liked certain articles, which is nice. Many people have told me they are reading my blog, which is cool as well.

The introspection and self awareness is what made the exercise the most fun for me. While I can write a technical article, I get more [personally] from the motivational and personal blog posts.

I had a great week. I truly am blessed. Overall feeling great and grateful. Life is awesome!

As always, Truly Blessed!


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