Goal setting – we achieve what we measure

Dennis at East Hill Farm

When working on and towards a goal we will not always be successful all the time. There will be some bumps along the way. The important part is that we are tracking what we are doing and can use that data against our results. This will help to determine our next steps. In the SMARTER…

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Sharing a Recipe

almond joy protein balls recipe

Hello there! Just a few notes about some recipes. Black Bean Brownies A while back I had read about Black Bean Brownies. These were supposed to be a great substitute for “regular” brownies and much healthier. Well, I tried them… and they’re good! I need to refine the recipe a bit as this was my…

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WooHoo – Rest Day!

treadmill-hill-work - need a rest day

You check your workout calendar and it jumps right out at ya – Rest Day! WooHoo… One of the best days of the week. After a week of some really good workouts it is nice to see the rest day on the calendar for tomorrow. It’s not how hard you train, but how well you…

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