You check your workout calendar and it jumps right out at ya – Rest Day! WooHoo…

One of the best days of the week. After a week of some really good workouts it is nice to see the rest day on the calendar for tomorrow.

It’s not how hard you train, but how well you recover.

Just like any other activity, you need to take a break once in a while. For now, will just sleep a little later and relax a bit.. 🙂 Focus on a few other things and enjoy the extra time.

I have a bunch of reading in the works, lower priority tasks that are just sitting in the background – all kinds of good stuff to keep me busy.

Don’t forget to take a little time off and recharge your batteries, both physical and mental!

treadmill-hill-work - need a rest dayToday’s workout was a good one (hill work on treadmill) and one of the things that got me to push through was knowing tomorrow was a rest day!

Peace and Love,



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