First one is in the books

TriSeries-WindingTrails=first one

Why do you do stupid things like this? A question I have heard a few times lately. The answer? I am really not sure.?.? When I was completing the last part of the triathlon, this question went through my mind quite a bit. This was much tougher than I thought and had planned for. I…

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One word – Interesting!


Well, tonight was the night to go down to the Winding Trails Tri-Series course and try it out. Free. I am really happy that we did this (Yes Jim made it as well) as it gave me a new realization on what I have signed up for – Interesting is putting it mildly. Never swam…

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Preparedness meets opportunity

Now I am really starting to wonder what the heck did I get myself into?? The old saying about preparedness meeting opportunity comes to mind.  Am I really prepared enough? Will I make out OK? What the heck is going to happen? Tomorrow I will get a “taste” of things to come. May 17th was…

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