One word – Interesting!

Well, tonight was the night to go down to the Winding Trails Tri-Series course and try it out. Free. I am really happy that we did this (Yes Jim made it as well) as it gave me a new realization on what I have signed up for – Interesting is putting it mildly.

Never swam in open water – for any length, until tonight. I was able to do the 1/4 mile swim albeit a bit slower and not as graceful as I hoped. I now understand why all the reading I have done has 10 – 12 week training plans not 4. Maybe I should have started a bit sooner? Oh well, too late to go back and start earlier. I will just need to work with what I have.

Still one week away, still have more time in the pool training on form. Overall I am happy as I completed the swim, and still had energy for the bike ride. Success #1.

Bike, uh, this was….  different. When they said you needed a hybrid bike, they were not kidding. This was all out trail riding, AKA mountain biking, which I have done [wait..] NONE of!

I really underestimated the bike course. Tree roots, sand patches, gulleys, hills with gravel. Really? Gravel on hills, now that makes a lot of sense. I needed to walk up the biggest hill as I could not get ANY traction. Another item I will need to work on.

Another interesting observation. When trying to follow blue arrows (marking the bike trail) in low light (dusk) in the woods – Sunglasses really aren’t helpful. They did prevent a branch from taking one of my eyes out, so that worked well. Otherwise, I need to find clear safety glasses for the bike portion next week. Sunglasses not necessary.


A very interesting evening. Never swam in open water, can’t say that any more. Never “mountain biked”, can’t say that any more either. I am really happy I went to check it out tonight. I have a greater understanding of what to look forward to.

Since I signed up for the 5 race package I have a few items to do.
Race 1: finish!
Race 2: Do better than race 1
Race 3, 4, 5: repeat

Thanks to Jim for giving me the lay of the land and some key items to keep in mind for next week and beyond. I am very grateful for you asking me to participate in this series. I wish you the best of luck and many PR’s along the way!

I am really looking forward to this next, interesting, challenge!

Peace and Love,

interesting smiley

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