Emotions – highs and lows

Life – is a roller coaster…

Highs and Lows

The past few days have been a roller coaster. There are many things, all happening at once. Mostly good, well mostly great.. Just a few that are not.

What is one to do? – simple – “Do the next right thing..”

Busy is as Busy does

My work with goal setting seems to be taking me on a path – maybe it is “THE” path.. ¬†don’t know. Will just walk along and see how it goes.

Unfortunately (fortunately) it is bringing me to the point where I need to make some decisions. To continue down this path will mean making some tough choices. Giving up on some stuff I have been working and and either stopping altogether – or setting aside for a period of time.

Prioritizing and setting my schedule is becoming tough. Not wanting to let some things slip, I keep them on the back burner, which still takes up cycles and consumes time – remember the task switching – no good.. even if it is just your inability to focus and stay focused. Here is where I am getting closer to needing to make the tough decisions.

Should I stay or should I go?

Yes, I now this is a bit vague, being done intentionally. What do I need to do to help me? Get another person(s) involved. Which I am doing. Talking it through. Not making any snap judgments or decisions… and just do the next right thing!

Get back to my daily list.

Focus on the next few goals.

Stay on track.

The answers will be provided… in the proper time. Not on my time-frame, HIS time-frame!

On my mind

A few things happened lately to get me in this frame of mind.

First, the passing of Uncle Roger. A great man who has been through a lot. Very tough the past few years – and still he made the most of his days.

Second, the passing of a friend and co-worker. Another great loss, gone too soon. He too is no longer in pain. A pain that many cannot imagine. The pain of loss, the pain of addiction. He is now cured of all.

Visiting with some close friends, we went through my story back when I had cancer. Revisiting this time once again has shown me the miracle that I am. Truly blessed beyond imagination. Obviously my time here in this life is not done. There is still work to be done. So what is one to do?

The next right thing…

Peace and Love,

~~~ Truly Blessed ~~~
~~~Forever Grateful~~~


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