Emotions – highs and lows

Life – is a roller coaster… Highs and Lows The past few days have been a roller coaster. There are many things, all happening at once. Mostly good, well mostly great.. Just a few that are not. What is one to do? – simple – “Do the next right thing..” Busy is as Busy does…

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The Path

walking on path - guided by the bible

You are driving at night, lights are on and you can see the road ahead. How far can you see? 50 feet? 100 feet? How about when you go around a corner? Do you see the road ahead? Not always. The lights only illuminate enough of the path to get you through it safely. How…

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Surprise #2

Time for another announcement… Surprise #2 Surprise #1 – My beautiful wife Tammy is working to become a travel agent. See her facebook page DATS Travel – Tammy Bosse. You will be hearing more from her as she completes her training. Surprise # 2 (part of it anyways).. Set my event schedule for 2015 –…

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