Lessons from a folk tale – living life

mountain landscape

Happy New Year! That statement takes on a lot of meanings. Many people are looking forward with great expectation, more of the same and even better!! Others are looking forward with the hopes of a different future. Last year was terrible, I hope 2018 brings a much different set of circumstances… Here is a folk…

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The Path

walking on path - guided by the bible

You are driving at night, lights are on and you can see the road ahead. How far can you see? 50 feet? 100 feet? How about when you go around a corner? Do you see the road ahead? Not always. The lights only illuminate enough of the path to get you through it safely. How…

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The next step – recording data

Getting a workout in - Dennis Bosse

The one that controls the data controls the world. Something that has taken me a long time to realize – data is important. Well, I kind of always known this, just re-learning to apply it in more areas. When you record data and track the numbers you have a better knowledge of what is happening.…

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