Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness - Hurricane_Rita_Peak

Hurricane Prep List I found posted on Facebook… this is taken pretty much verbatim, I do not have the original source to credit..  Distributing to be helpful.. This can be used for any storm that may come upon you. There are a lot of good tips in general as well.  Be prepared! Charge any device…

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IRONMAN® – Lake Placid = Magical!

Lake Placid NY - Ausable River

Here is my race report for IRONMAN® Lake Placid. A little information before, during and after the race weekend. Pre-Race Long rides during training were challenging. It would appear almost every time I would do well with drinking / nutrition for the first half of the ride and somehow “fall off” for the second half.…

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Campaign to be GREAT!

Make America Great Again - Buy Local

Let’s make America Great! This will get a lot of people’s emotions flowing right out of the gate. I am NOT talking about voting for one political candidate or another. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with action. I am talking about what YOU can do to help. It’s really…

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