Closing out 2016

It is now December and 2016 is almost gone. Time to review what went well this year and look for opportunities to improve. Continuous improvement is the way to progress forward… What went well? I accomplished quite a bit this past year. The biggest being 2 half iron distance triathlons and my first full marathon.…

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A beginners guide to triathlon

Triathlon finish

For those that don’t know me, I am also a beginner triathlete. I have completed 2 seasons of triathlon so far. I went through what seems like a pretty typical path of getting into the sport and will look to share what I have learned along the way. Why the blog? Recently, the triathlon club…

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Life Fitness - Smarter Goals - 2016

We discussed the reasons people fail to meet their goals and also a look at planning, things you can do┬áto help you reach your goals. This post will take it a bit further into setting specific goals – goals that will get done! Like done, done!! SMART Goals Here is the basics to how I…

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