Vinny’s Godly Adventure 2 Nicaragua

walking on path - guided by the bible

Sharing for a friend – Vinny is his son. Please follow the link and watch the video. Peace and Love, -Dennis Vinny’s Godly Adventure 2 Nicaragua Your contribution will support Vinny, a high school student from Massachusetts, in his effort to provide food, cloths and the Love and Hope of Jesus to families living in…

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Building up consistency


Commitment – Consistency – Potential Three words that were given to me by a coach I met last year. He is fighting with cancer yet keeps going – every day – consistently. Yes, that is the sticky note on my vision board. Has been there since the day I heard those words in his video.…

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Beginner Triathlon – Equipment


A beginners look into triathlon racing. This is the next post in a series for the beginner triathlete. I just want to run through the basics and get you to start thinking… There is a LOT of detail to cover and after only two seasons of competition I am only beginning to start learning myself. This…

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