Want to lose weight? – You’re WRONG!

Dennis and Mango in West Haven

Many people set goals of losing weight. Unfortunately, they are wrong.!!¬† Huh, what’s that? – yup I said it – Wrong wrong wrong! You do not want to lose weight You do not need to lose weight You are going down a slippery slope and need to get some traction So what the heck am…

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Lessons from a folk tale – living life

mountain landscape

Happy New Year! That statement takes on a lot of meanings. Many people are looking forward with great expectation, more of the same and even better!! Others are looking forward with the hopes of a different future. Last year was terrible, I hope 2018 brings a much different set of circumstances… Here is a folk…

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Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness - Hurricane_Rita_Peak

Hurricane Prep List I found posted on Facebook… this is taken pretty much verbatim, I do not have the original source to credit.. ¬†Distributing to be helpful.. This can be used for any storm that may come upon you. There are a lot of good tips in general as well. ¬†Be prepared! Charge any device…

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