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WooHoo – Rest Day!

treadmill-hill-work - need a rest day

You check your workout calendar and it jumps right out at ya – Rest Day! WooHoo… One of the best days of the week. After a week of some really good workouts it is nice to see the rest day on the calendar for tomorrow. It’s not how hard you train, but how well you…

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Weekly Checkpoint – On Track

Dennis Bosse - Vision-Board-2017

Laying in bed last night and it hit me – never posted for the day. Was just to post a weekly checkpoint and figured I would get to it today. Yes, procrastination! 🙂 Oh well. Even though I was in bed early, wasn’t getting up – too comfortable. Was just going to post an update…

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OneNote – recording notes

OneNote – Keeping on the recording data theme, I use OneNote for recording notes, tracking items, reminders – even from your cell phone! OneNote is my go to app. I use it every day and for just about everything. Best of all – you can get if FREE! When working with apps I look to…

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