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Proper Planning…

Dennis Bosse

You know the old saying “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance”. Looking at the new year, we all want to see great successes. How can we succeed? Proper planning… Proper Planning System New year resolutions (yeah the term I don’ like) are made by many. How many are truly successful? Why not? If you remember…

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Thoughts Become Things


Setting on the journey which is our life, we work, live, feel and act according to our thoughts. As my theme for 2015 states “Thoughts become things” I am reminded of this constantly. When I apply these principles the results are there again and again. In this mornings readings I have been blessed with many…

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Kicking the bucket list


Lately, I have heard the term “bucket list” and it just doesn’t sit right with me. I know it is a common saying, I just don’t like it. What is it? The bucket list is a list of items that is to be done before one “kicks the bucket”. You know, the once in a…

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