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Thoughts Become Things

Setting on the journey which is our life, we work, live, feel and act according to our thoughts. As my theme for 2015 states “Thoughts become things” I am reminded of this constantly. When I apply these principles the results are there again and again.

In this mornings readings I have been blessed with many words of encouragement and understanding of the actions I must, and will, take through the next steps of my life. A perfect example:

You cannot think fear and act courageously. You cannot think hatred and act in a kindly manner toward those with whom you associate. The dominating thoughts of your mind – meaning by this, the strongest and deepest and most frequent of your thoughts – influence the physical action of your body.

The Law of Success – Napolean Hill

I think I will have a GREAT day today, and wish you the same!

Truly Blessed,

Thoughts Become Things 2015

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