First Race – 2 goals good, 2 fail

savin rock 2017 - goals - 2 good, 2 fail

Failed to hit a few targets, that is fine. I still accomplished quite a bit and learned something along the way. Cool! FAIL = First Attempt In Learning I had 4 goals going into Saturday’s race: 1. Have fun 2. Stay healthy and safe 3. Sub 2:30 (PR) 4. Stretch goal… 2:14:55 I only made…

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Task Switching – Triathlon of life


There is a resemblance of life in general to races such as triathlon. The triathlon has 3 distinct and different sports – Swim, Bike Run. Each requiring different equipment. In between each of these sports (tasks) is the transition area. A specific place where we prepare to spend some time and change over to the…

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Weekly Checkpoint – On Track

Dennis Bosse - Vision-Board-2017

Laying in bed last night and it hit me – never posted for the day. Was just to post a weekly checkpoint and figured I would get to it today. Yes, procrastination! 🙂 Oh well. Even though I was in bed early, wasn’t getting up – too comfortable. Was just going to post an update…

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