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start blogging - blog-site-mashupHave you thought about blogging?  Just want to journal your thoughts but not spend a lot of money? You can get going quick, easy and free.

Start blogging now!

There is something to be said about writing every day. It makes you collect your thoughts, focus, and be a little creative. I have always wanted to “journal” just never took the time to develop the habit. I did well this week and will continue to write daily through November. Many more topics to be covered…

Let’s Begin!

One way to start this for yourself is by creating a free blog account. These can be done on many sites including:

… just to name a few.

Don’t forget, this ties in with NaBloPoMo! Please feel free to join in… For a quick tutorial on getting started with a WordPress.com account click >>HERE<<

If you want to start writing and are not interested in publishing, journaling only, you can use an electronic notebook. There are two main ones that I use:

Both of these are pretty similar and pretty intuitive to use. They can sync on multiple devices from computers (Windows and Mac) tablets and phones. Really great for taking notes anytime and anywhere. You can even use the dictation feature and speak your notes to capture your thoughts quickly.

What are the benefits?

Why should anyone start writing? A blog or journal are a little bit different and serve a few different functions.

Journal – usually kept private. Write freely and “let it flow”. Do not take time to edit as you go. Just let the words come out and let your mind run freely. This will help in getting your thoughts out, processing previous events, feeling and connecting to your emotions, let you vent, ask questions, give answers, argue, agree…  wherever your mind may take you. This helps with generating creative juices and improving your overall mental well being.

Blogging – This can start off in a similar manner as journaling. Write freely with limited editing along the way. Since a blog is typically published publicly (you can make it private) you will want to edit before you click “publish”. This is one area I am still struggling with. I really need to start the article in OneNote and “let it flow” and edit afterwards. Too often I am editing as I go and lose track of where the story is going. – Progress not perfection.

Caring Bridge websiteBenefits to both – Both writing methods can serve as an outlet of emotions and an expression of feelings. The ability to document a journey is awesome. I used this during my cancer treatment with Caring Bridge. This was a great way to share what was happening with many people as well as motivation for me to keep on a somewhat normal schedule.

Part of my journaling has been to document my weight loss journey over the past year. Much of this is just data as to what I weighed, what I ate, etc. I could have put a bit more detail in how I felt through each phase. Very interesting to go back and see where I was just a year ago.

During the month of November I will be writing a post on the similarities and use of Evernote and OneNote. If you want to learn more about these products and more it’s very easy to subscribe below and you will be notified as I post the articles.

A task for each of you – I would love it if a few of you sent me a note or comment on ideas for tutorials? What is something you wold like to know a bit more about? How to do something? I will help with any requests I am capable of. For those that I may not be too capable, I will be happy to research other people and alternatives as well. Never stop learning!

As always…  Truly Blessed!

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  1. Jen Kelly on November 10, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    Hi Dennis,
    You probably don’t recognize my name, so I’ll refresh your memory. My daughter Kyla, (Ed called her Little One), took part in Scuba Shack’s first ever Scuba Camp with you and Gary as her instructors. She and I then also took Buoyancy

    • Jen Kelly on November 10, 2014 at 12:25 pm

      Must’ve hit the wrong button! To continue, I’ve been enjoying your blogs and am glad that you are doing well.

      I may come up with some suggestions for tutorials for you, since periodically, there are things that I wish I knew how to do on my computer. I take it this is your day job to some extent…

      Has your health allowed you to return to diving at all?

      The reason I am commenting on your blog is that you have started me thinking that I may try my hand at blogging as well. I agree with you that I can’t wait for the ideal time to start. I should just do it! However, I do have some things that need to be checked off of the to-do list first. I have always enjoyed writing and I consider myself a better writer than speaker.I’m one of those people who think of the perfect thing to say several hours after the opportunity has passed, after replaying the conversation in my mind!

      Anyway, just wanted to keep in touch! By the way, Kyla is not so “little” anymore. She’s a freshman in college studying marine biology!

      Best Regards,

      • dennisbosse on November 10, 2014 at 9:43 pm

        Hello Jen!
        Thanks for stopping in.

        Yes I remember you well – probably wouldn’t recognize Kyla though.. Wow time flies!

        Didn’t we meet up w/ you in Rhode Island (King’s Beach) too?

        No, I have not been diving. Have issues with my sinuses and just now starting to get things cleared up. Long story..

        If you want to start blogging, or even just journaling for now, that is great!

        I believe I still have your email, will reach out to you.

        Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

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