Thoughts Become Things


Setting on the journey which is our life, we work, live, feel and act according to our thoughts. As my theme for 2015 states “Thoughts become things” I am reminded of this constantly. When I apply these principles the results are there again and again. In this mornings readings I have been blessed with many…

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Thought for today – January 2, 2015

Today’s thought… We are what we eat. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Do you want your mind and body to work like a high performance machine -or- is a cup cake version what you are after? The food you eat, the programs you watch, the people you hang out with. All of these will either help…

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Time for review – November done!

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Week and month in Review – November 2014 complete Hello all, Time to review, reflect and re-adjust. The three “R’s”… Weekly goals Work out 5 days per week – This week was a few small workouts and the road race – done. Write every day – missed one – again.- Yeah, missed one here too.…

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