5 tips to help you start now

Wanting to take action yet have questions on how to start…?? Here are 5 tips you can use right away and get your plan into action. Tips to help you to start now.

5 frogs are sitting on a log. 2 decided to jump off. How many frogs are sitting on the log? (see answer at end)


There is a LOT of things I have thought of doing. Many are great ideas. Most never see the light of day. Why?
One is a fear of failure, I would hate to not do something and succeed. Another is a fear of success. How can that be possible?

One of the things that keeps me from starting and making progress is over analyzing things. I can look at things from 20 different angles. A condition commonly known as analysis paralysis.

The next stumbling block is ADD. When I start the brain storming process for an idea it will usually lead to needing something else being in place. OK, so Now I need to do this dependent item first. Oh wait what about this other thing over there… that needs attention too.

How do we break these bad habits?

Just do it – Start Now

One of the key attributes of successful people is making a decision than taking action. They assemble the necessary information and put the plan into place. Setting your SMART goal will help you lay out a plan of action.

Taking that first step, sometimes a leap of faith is the key to getting it done.


Become accountable to yourself and others. Having an accountability partner can go a long way. Having a friend or trusted partner there to keep you on point and help to keep you accountable will aid tremendously.

One of the ways I am accountable is using this blog and making my goals public. What I set out to do is there, live, for all the world to see. How can I NOT be on point to meet these goals? Some may think it is too much stress, for me, it has been working well.

I don’t list everything, just a few are listed here. I have meetings with friends in a master mind group as well. Here we list weekly goals and offer assistance to getting things done.

Break it down

Instead of trying to accomplish a very large item all at once, break it down into smaller manageable chunks. This goes along with the accountability step from above. Take a large project, break it into week long deliverables. This was you will not need to feel overwhelmed by a very large project or goal.

Think positive

Write and think as though you have already accomplished the goal. Bring an enthusiasm as though you have already succeeded and are celebrating through each stage and each sub task. Like the saying: You become your thoughts. As you focus on the positive you will see more options for doing the work and completing the task.

What if you miss?

That is totally OK. Similar to the story of Edison inventing the incandescent light bulb. He knew that it was possible he just needed to find the right material to pass the electricity through and something that would last. It is said that he took 10,000 attempts before he finally got it right. When asked about failing 10,000 times his reply was (paraphrased) “I did not fail 10,00 times, it was a task with 10,00 steps”.

The way I look at it, is it’s OK to miss your goal. As long as you learn from it, adjust and move on than you did not fail. You learned what didn’t work. Study what happened. Just don’t give up. You only fail when you stop trying.

Wanting to take action yet have questions on how to start…?? There are 5 things you can do right away and get your plan into action.Answer
The answer to my opening question. 5 frogs are sitting on a log. 2 decided to jump off. How many frogs are sitting on the log? There are still 5 frogs on the log. Although they made a decision to jump, they did not put that plan into action yet.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to JUMP!

As always, Truly Blessed!

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