Welcome to 2014

Hello and Happy New Year!

I wish each and every one of you a very Happy HEALTHY and Prosperous 2014.  I hope all your goals turn into realities.

Did you notice I said goals and not dreams or wishes? That was very purposeful. The difference between a dream and a goal? – A date!

Learning a bit about goal setting along with a few other things. If you have a goal, and do not give yourself the proper plan and target, then it is only a dream.  Dreams are great – we seldom achieve dreams. Goals are better!

A fitness trainer, Tom Venuto, had a blog post about setting SMART goals – or better yet – SMARTER goals.  I will simply link his post here and you can go read it. >>>link<<<

I’ll wait.

Seriously – go read it and come back here…

Pretty cool huh?  Something I need to keep focus on – Writing down my goals and keeping them in the proper priority. When I lose site of a goal, it is usually from being too busy, too stressed, too too too..  well you know. Keeping on track, keeping focused are a few of my resolutions for 2014!

I am continuing on my diet and exercise program. I still have a ways to go and looking forward to achieving my goals.

Here is where I am at currently:

  • Weight = 217.5
  • Total loss = 40.5 (almost half way there!)
  • Goal weight is 175
  • 43.5 pounds to goal!

In using the SMART analogy (you did read that article right?) I needed to set an end date. If you look at a conservative weight loss plan, this will be ~2 lbs. a week. So I needed to figure out, losing 2 lbs a week, what is my goal date?

Starting with 218 on Jan 4th and subtracting 2 lbs a week – puts me at 174 On June 7th. There we go, we now have a realistic goal to work towards. Of course this can be modified as we go along hopefully losing a bit more… it also allows for a few days of celebrating the occasional successes!  🙂

Right now I am feeling good and things are going well. Will need to see how I feel when things don’t go so well. I am sure we can deal with whatever comes our way.

Happy, Healthy and Prosperity for 2014!




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