Keeping the course – keep on going

keep on going - Dennis BosseSome days are just tough. Things don’t go directly as planned and motivation is low. What do you do now?

Keep on going!

This is where the rubber meets the road.

This morning was tough. I didn’t feel like getting up, had a head ache, tired. The alarm went off and all I wanted to do was stay in bed.

I asked for His help – “Lord give me the strength to get going”. Still didn’t feel like moving.

Finally got up and walked around a bit. Sat on the recliner. Again I asked Lord help me to get going. Still very tough.

Finally got dressed and headed to the gym. It’s still dark out. It’s cold. My legs hurt. Still I went.

After arriving to the gym, I headed up to the treadmills. Stretched out and started up. It took a little while to get my rhythm and the next thing I knew I was over 1/2 way done. Getting easier.

Set the speed down a bit and just cruised. Finished the workout and felt great!

Even though we ask for help, we need to take the steps through the process.

Like the story about the person who kept praying to win the lottery. After many years of praying to win the lottery one day God shouted out.. “help me out, buy a ticket!”.

We all must do our part. Even when the desire and motivation are lacking we must keep on going. Ask for strength and setup the opportunity for good things to happen! He works in mysterious ways.

Very short post today..

Truly Blessed,

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