Setting Goals – Keeping it SMART

Setting Goals to get things done!

In order to push ourselves forward we must remain challenged

One of the key things for me to accomplish something is to set goals and keep myself challenged. There are a few goals I did not hit, others I crushed. Why the difference? Through the next few weeks I will visit some of the good and not so good. I will be taking a look at myself in hopes that this will also help others.

There are a series of steps and plans that will make or break success. which can be summed up in the following 3 items:

  1. Set appropriate SMART goal.
  2. Accountability
  3. Support

Setting a SMART goal


You cannot be ambiguous on the goal. It must be very specific. Things like: I want to take a vacation, I want to eat better, are not specific enough.


How will you know if you did it? You need to be able to determine Where you are (baseline) and where you want to be.


Is this goal or desire truly obtainable? Is it within the realm of possibility. You could be setting your sights too high and setting yourself up for failure.


Does the goal match and bring you towards your chief aim in life? Will this be something you can really benefit from or just another notch in your belt?

Time Bound

You need to set an end date. Period. If you do not have the goal outlined, measured and with a sense of urgency this opens the door to procrastination. I will start next week. I will start a diet on January 1st. Why put it off? If the task is something you really wish to accomplish – START NOW!

Here is a goal: I want to go on vacation to Florida.

This is missing the specifics and is way to general.

Here is a SMART goal: During the kids winter vacation 0f 2015 we will take a family vacation to Disneyland.

Specific date, time bound, measurable, and very well obtainable (if this is within your means financially and you have the vacation time).

Once you have your SMART goals set out, it will be time for a plan of action. Next steps – How to break down the goal so it is obtainable.



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  1. Janet on January 5, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    Love the SMART Goals! Very similar to something I teach in a Time Management course. Yes one has to be very specific and drill down what they really want.

    Thanks for a great article,
    Janet L. Hall (OverHall)

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