Beginner Triathlon – Equipment


A beginners look into triathlon racing. This is the next post in a series for the beginner triathlete. I just want to run through the basics and get you to start thinking… There is a LOT of detail to cover and after only two seasons of competition I am only beginning to start learning myself. This…

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When do I become a triathlete?

Dennis Bosse - Vineyard triathlon 70.3

Here is a funny question: At what point do I become a triathlete? The answers will be as varied as “what is the best bike?”…  This is a personal item I will touch on a bit briefly. When? When I first started working on triathlon, I never really thought of myself as a “triathlete”. (what…

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A beginners guide to triathlon

Triathlon finish

For those that don’t know me, I am also a beginner triathlete. I have completed 2 seasons of triathlon so far. I went through what seems like a pretty typical path of getting into the sport and will look to share what I have learned along the way. Why the blog? Recently, the triathlon club…

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