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It’s that time of year again, Christmas shopping! Yeah…. Even more than ever it’s also time to support small business.

Shopping Frenzy Weekend

There is a ton of information for Black Friday in the news, have you heard about Small Business Saturday?

In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday to help businesses with their most pressing need — getting more customers. The day encourages people to shop at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The single day has grown into a powerful movement, and more people are taking part than ever before. This year, the big day is Nov 29.

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In a previous blog post I discussed shopping local, here I want to continue that message and add Support Small Business!

Support Small Business

The reasons are many. Small business supports your local community. Creating jobs, using local banks, and driving the re-circulation of money locally benefitting everyone.

The small business owner will usually offer a more personal shopping experience. Many times having a much greater knowledge of their product line.

Do I buy online – Yes. Do I support local businesses – Yes. Has my shopping habits changed over the past few years – Oh yeah

Lately I am looking for things locally more frequently and purposefully. I will buy locally and from a small business even if I need to pay a bit more. I am truly looking to change my thought process behind my shopping dollars. I treat my purchases as an investment. Once I spend my dollars, where are those dollars going? What is the potential for those dollars to be returned to me and my community?


The title says it all. Support small businesses. This year the celebration date is November 29 – you can do it any other day as well.

Here is searchable map to help you locate participating small businesses – American Express Find Businesses

Small Business Owners

It’s not too late to get in on the action! Here are a few links for promotional material and to get your business registered.

Small Business Administration

American Express – Take Part

This Weekend

If you are heading out this weekend, don’t just wait for Saturday to support the small business owner. This is a great opportunity to make people aware of the “Shop Small” movement.

As always, Truly Blessed!


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