Managers and Leaders

A different view of the difference between a manager and a leader.

Which one do you think will look to bring out the positive in others? Who will try to build others up?

There are quite a few people in my life I look up to for many reasons: They live life the way it should be lived, they give themselves to others, work hard, celebrate success. All the qualities of great people. The qualities of a true leader.

When I talk with these people they are always willing to share their successes and stories. If you listen you will hear they speak in a positive tone with a general feeling of gratitude. After a discussion with these people you leave with a spring in your step and a good feeling. Not only do they share their successes, they take the time to ask questions, find out how you are doing and look to be a part of your life and successes as well.

A saying I heard (or read?) this week:

A manager will tell you how great he is, a leader will let you know how great you are!

Let it start with us, yes all of us. Anyone reading this should look to be a leader. Help others up, give them a lift. If you have the opportunity to share a story of success, great! Don’t forget to also learn about what others are experiencing and ask them what their successes are. Lead by example.

We need more leaders in life.

So, what were your successes this week? Would love to see some great success stories in the comments below. How did you help or serve another?

As always, Truly Blessed!


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