Task Switching – Triathlon of life

Picture with cowboy hatThere is a resemblance of life in general to races such as triathlon. The triathlon has 3 distinct and different sports – Swim, Bike Run. Each requiring different equipment.

In between each of these sports (tasks) is the transition area. A specific place where we prepare to spend some time and change over to the next sport (task).

We practice the sports. We practice the changeover. We setup (prepare) our transitions.

What if we applied these methodologies to other areas of our life?

Another Ah ha Moment!

There are so many project tracking items. Kanban boards, GSD methodology, etc. I have worked through many of them with success. The issues comes back to “staying the course” and continuing on the path / process.

Such is my personality – I get it. I understand. I need to work towards embracing my weaknesses and looking towards improving. Another focus area is where the goal setting comes into play. This is something I need to work at and practice, if I really want to get better.

I have setup some key goals for the year. Provided time on the calendar for the “big rocks” in life. Pretty much have a real good plan. The one area I do not focus on [enough] is my personal business items.

Need to practice the task execution and limit the transition areas between. Make the overall process more effective. Just like we practice for triathlon, can practice in business and personal life.

The change starts

The past few weeks I have verbally determined some key goals. The next step is getting them refined, making them smarter, and getting them written down. Turning my vision into a plan.

I will work on getting 2 – 3 specific goals by Sunday. This will provide some key areas of focus to add to my “training plan” and get me to start focusing on the preparation of taking on the tasks (distinct sports) and setting up my calendar (race schedule) to allow me to effectively plan out the tasks for execution (setting up my transition area).

Wow – a lot of work ahead… There is much to do. This process has been brewing in my mind for a while and will help to propel me into a bigger and brighter future.

Like each major undertaking – how does it begin, by taking the first step.

I have used this process in other areas of my life, now it needs to spill over into all areas of my life.

So much greatness is yet to come! The future is bright… I gotta wear shades.

As always… more to come!

Peace and Love, -Dennis

~~~ Truly Blessed ~~~
~~Forever Grateful~~

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  1. Jan McClintock on March 22, 2017 at 10:22 am

    I may need some advice about goal-setting and follow-through, Dennis. Now I know who to ask! Nice work.

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